Managing Bullying Complaints

  • Managing Bullying Complaints at Work – for Managers

    This course has been developed for managers dealing with bullying complaints in the workplace. It covers key areas such as what is specific to a bullying complaint, examples of bullying-type complaints and non-bullying complaints, and guidance on the appropriate and inappropriate reaction of managers. It concludes with the anti-bullying policy and the type of information that should be contained in this workplace document.

    Course duration: 30 minutes

    Learning outcomes:

    On successful completion of this course you should be able to:

    • identify a bullying-type complaint, whether verbal or written
    • understand the need to take care in how you react to such complaints
    • recognise the dangers associated with reacting in a casual, off-hand or insensitive way to such complaints
    • implement the appropriate policy documents to prevent bullying issues and to properly manage these issues
    • source workplace bullying information.

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